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We are a proud partner of Legoland NY, a company that shares our values of outstanding service, exceptional guest experiences, and generous hospitality.


At JayHerns Cleaning Services, we understand the unique and changing environment you face to keep your hotels and resorts in pristine condition. Choosing a commercial cleaning and housekeeping provider that has the knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry is important to uphold the highest standards to keep your guests coming back and keep your staff members healthy and safe.

Common Services Include

Residential Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

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New York City

Westchester County

Rockland County

Orange County

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Did You Know?

Research shows the average workplace desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. However, it gets worse!  The average workplace has somewhere in the tens of thousands of bacteria all over it.

Cleaning You Can Count On

We are a family based company with a passion to clean, organize, sanitize, and disinfect all living and working spaces. Nothing is more satisfying than making a place feel, smell and look clean. With our competitive pricing and customer service, we’re nearly impossible to beat. Want to know more?